Wonder Apartments Update - October 2021

With demand high and a busy December anticipated as restrictions ease, securing an apartment now positions buyers for the most competitive offering & prices.

Despite lockdown restrictions, we’ve been impressed by the number of savvy buyers using this extra time to complete due diligence for their new apartments.

With December 1st targeted for business as usual to kick off in Auckland, we’re preparing for a surge of interest as the restrictions lift - exactly as happened the last time we dropped to level 2. But we would advise genuine buyers to start the process now because your lawyers, banks and brokers will probably be completely overwhelmed in December as property buyers in the Auckland market act on their pent up demand.

Lawyers & advisors are a bit more accessible at the moment, and we are offering flexible extensions to the usual due diligence period, so it makes sense to utilise this time to get all your pre-purchasing details sorted early.

Recent polls and research show that most buyers expect property prices to continue to rise, so locking in today’s price but paying for it in 2 years is definitely an attractive option.

We’re here to help and happy to answer any questions you might have.

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