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"Urban Collective is design and end-user focused. It treats buyers as part of the team and develops a direct relationship with them all the way".

From beginning the buying process to moving in, the Urban collective team ensures a smooth and stress-free transition into apartment living is achieved.

Urban Collective has two current projects. The recently completed Citizen has a focus on edgy mid-end medium density with a mix of 33% under the affordable price threshold up to Penthouses around $3.0m. This is 100% sold with 93 happy residents moved in.

59 France, Urban Collective’s current project located on the old Kings Arms site, is commencing construction next month. 35% were priced under the affordable threshold with over 60% now pre-sold. Some excellent options remaining.

As Patrick Reynolds of Greater Auckland says, “Urban Collective demonstrates great leadership with a high-quality design-led process in a bold attempt to address both dwelling affordability, and urban renewal in central Auckland.“

Architects work long and hard in the hope that one day, a project the likes of 59 France come their way. When you get to combine a fantastic site with a visionary client then the potential for real enduring architecture presents itself.

It’s that combination that has made 59 France such a pleasure to work on. To have clients with the experience and understanding of Urban Collective is a real privilege. The attention to detail shown by Kelly, Steve and Ashley has bought a thoroughness to the development process that is seldom displayed.

Every design decision, every colour choice, every texture, the tone, the way the light falls, the character of space - these were the elements that were pondered, reviewed, developed and then further developed until the building that we designed for them at 59 France became a masterpiece.

This is a building palpably of its place and yet one that takes Newton and redefines it as part of the beating heart of Auckland City. There is a clear resonance with the character of the past, an understanding of history and of how people live in the city that will result in a renaissance for this part of Auckland - nobody knew it could be this good until 59 France defined how good it could be.

This building is decades in the making, it springs from the 20 years that the development partners (builder, architect and developer) have been building in the Auckland apartment market. There is a deep understanding of how to assemble the critical elements that are needed to create an exceptional building. This building will be the measure by which all others are judged in the future.

So, what do the buyers have to say about their experience working with the team at Urban Collective:

“Wonderful experience from the get go! Dealing directly with the team from Urban Collective has made it fun and exciting. Thank you, Steve, Kelly and Ashleigh for all your patience with our questions and ensuring the alterations we wanted came to fruition. Happy is an understatement to say the least... we have a new journey ahead and are looking forward to looking out over Auckland city with pride!” Lesley.

“Wow, wow, wow on every level! Amazing group of people who have made the experience fun and exciting! The team at Urban Collective really know how to design and build a quality modern group of homes, not just apartments. Way to go guys, awesome! Really looking forward to moving in to our new pad!” Simon.

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