Purchaser testimonials

Some fabulous testimonials from our Citizens purchasers evening.

“Wonderful experience from the get go! Dealing directly with the team from Urban Collective has made it fun and exciting. Thank you Steve, Kelly and Ashleigh for all your patience with our questions and ensuring the alterations we wanted came to fruition. Happy is an understatement to say the least... we have a new journey ahead and are looking forward to looking out over Auckland city with pride!”
- Lesley

“Had to woo the misses in to take a look, but it was a good move after 3 or 4 visits! Unsure and uneasy she was with taking the plunge but persevere I did and came up trumps! Great attention to detail from Steve taking us through 217 North, great banter from Kelly as well. A rooftop visit pre-build while calming a shaky Sarah at height. A walk through the build just two weeks to go makes it seem so real. An awesome meet and greet tonight with top quality hospitality to boot. We can't wait to become Citizens. Cheers guys!”
- Brendon & Sarah

“I totally love the atmosphere you have created as your workspace and, if this is anything to go by, my little living space will be perfect.”
- Eleni

See images of the evening here.

“Wow Wow Wow on every level! Amazing group of people who have made the experience fun and exciting! The team at Urban Collective really know how to design and build a quality modern group of homes, not just apartments. Way to go guys, awesome! Really looking forward to moving in to our new pad!”
- Simon

"Let's take a look at those Citizen Apartments, Hayley said. I know we are not ready to buy yet, she said. But buy we did. Almost immediately after walking into the showroom. Perhaps the best impulse purchase we have made to date. Then sans baby, now avec baby. We are excited to show wee Amelie her new home.”
- Hayley and Hayden

“The tour with Steve to the partly built apartment made us even more excited than we already were - and that's saying something! Thanks for the awesome introduction, we can't wait to move in. What a cool way to meet our neighbours tonight as well :)”
- Keira and Darryl

“Steve and co very easy to deal with.Cant wait to move in next year. Roll on 2018!! Great crowd of owner occupiers here tonite Thanks guys, I'm sure it is going to be a beautiful building to live in.”
- Janene

“Like a steamed pork bun from the Blue Breeze Inn, the Citizen Apartments sucked us in with their warm and enticing exterior. Once the interior revealed itself, crunchy and a full of attitude like the BBQ pork filling, we were sold. We can't wait to move in and take that first juicy bite! Truly mouthwatering!!”
- Matt & Jo

“We got in early and we're so glad that we did. Most weekends we find ourselves driving down Dundonald scouting the development for progress. On the odd occasion we may have been known to climb the fence for a cheeky peek. Love your work, build faster, we want to move in!”
- Elena and Rick

“Looking forward to moving into the Citizen with our little family - Steve and the team have been awesome from the start, easy to deal with and really responsive to requests. The blat around town in the RS4 Kelly was looking to buy really sealed it for us (possibly put Sian into labour too!!!) well worth it and cant wait to move in :)”
- Scott, Sian & Hugo!

“Glad to be a CITIZEN, and not a resident of a shoe-box SugarTree ghetto. The renders look stunning, the design is fantastic, and the location is perfect.”
- Jacob

“We absolutely love this apartment. We want to stay here until the coffins turn up, and we are very excited about it all. Also I personally have been really happy dealing with you, it's straight forward and transparent which I appreciate.”
- Heather

“Very very impressed with The Citizen - you guys are doing amazing stuff.”
- Ken

“We are so happy with the apartment. Never experienced apartment living before, but so far so good. The developer was very open and kept us up to date with the whole process, so we are always in the loop. Buying our first property was quite a tricky process as we have not had any prior experience! There were a lot of learning curves but the team from Urban Collective were very helpful throughout the whole process. Many thanks.”
- William


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