Level 3: Reads, buys & local businesses

For those of us in the Auckland region, being able to grab a takeaway coffee from our favourite local cafe felt like quite the novelty this morning.

Besides the possibilities of takeout & a morning brew, we’ve been looking forward to welcoming socially distanced appointments at our Wonder showroom, which can now take place under level 3 guidelines. If you’d like to make an appointment email us at

Still caught in the space between total lockdown and returning to day to day life, we touched base with our team to see what's been carrying them through this extra time and local businesses they’re most looking forward to supporting.

Favourite online journals / websites / lockdown reads?

Steve: I have been reading books - does anyone remember those? Autobiographies by Elton John and Barack Obama, and most currently a re-read of George Orwells’ Animal Farm.

Sam: I’ve mainly been listening to podcasts - Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, Girls Uninterrupted, She’s on The Money. Best book so far is Honeybee by Craig Silvey.

Ashleigh: The New York Times keeps me up to date with world news and Architectural Digest for my design fix.

Amber: I’ve recently discovered ISLAND which is a new NZ publication, and usually have a daily explore on &

Something you’ve purchased during the lockdown & why?

Steve: I may have purchased a few mountain bike parts. Or as my son says… So. Many. Mountain. Bike. Parts

Sam: Nothing! I’m impressed with my self-control… unless you include wine as a purchase.

Ashleigh: A Duplo train set to keep my son occupied. Lilies from the local dairy to brighten up the house.

Amber: A ‘The Local Project’ subscription... Visual oasis.

What’s keeping you grounded during this time?

Steve: Shopping for mountain bike parts, in the belief we may one day be allowed out to ride again.

Sam: Running - particularly in the morning when no one is around! Heaven. Wine and laughs.

Ashleigh: A visit to our local beach every few days.

Amber: Games of Catan by the fire, playing for who has to make breakfast Saturday morning.

What local businesses will you be supporting during level 3?

Steve: Millers coffee, Cross Street. Cafe 23, Mt Eden Road.

Sam: Bambina Ponsonby, Fishsmith, Mulan Malaysian.

Ashleigh: Five Loaves, Pici, Mekong Vietnamese, Fish Smith

Amber: Williams, Ripe Deli, Queenies, Cantine


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